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Volzhanin is welding equipment factory for polyethylene pipes from 40 mm to 1600 mm.

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About the company

The "Volzhanin" factory is a large Russian manufacturer of modern equipment for polyethylene pipe welding.

Lot of bright traditions oriented to open and honest attitude to a user has been developed since foundation in 2007. The factory has a set task to change fellow citizens' mentality with bright ideas of Russian brains implemented in serial products.

Open attitude to a user gave the factory opportunities to take leading positions in the Russian and the CIS markets within a short time, enlarge its footprint and win recognition from notable experts in polyethylene pipe welding. Up-to-date equipment, advanced technologies and high production standards, self-design patented projects and teamwork energize for new achievements.

It is notorious that these days import maintains domination in many branches of domestic production. Market of polyethylene pipe welding equipment has undergone serious changes since the factory foundation and over the whole period of professional achievements. And today, when manufacturer's work assessment is user choice, the "Volzhanin" factory expresses appreciation to customers for recognition!