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Volzhanin is welding equipment factory for polyethylene pipes from 40 mm to 1600 mm.

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Description of VOLZHANIN CNC welding equipment components

It is designed for centering and aligning the ends of pipes and fittings. It consists of a steel frame, a pair of movable clamps driven by hydraulic cylinders, and a pair of fixed clamps.

  • design of the Volzhanin 160-315CNC clamp frame allows operating in three inclination positions to horizon and it is equipped with mounting blocks for automatic extraction;
  • rigid advanced frame resists twisting and bending;
  • the clamp design allows performing welding:
    • - according to the scheme 2+2 (two mobile and two fixed clamps)*;
    • - according to the scheme "3+1" for welding of fittings, elbows, Y-joints, tee-pipes and pipe crosses (connecting the 2nd and the 3rd clamps using throw over plate)*;
  • opener mechanism allows separating "stuck" heating element from the pipe ends;
  • clamps are equipped with a hinge joint for pushing the upper clamp (to the left and to the right by throwing the locking pin over) (Volzhanin 160-315 CNC);
  • sectional area of the hydraulic cylinder piston allows developing the force required for the welding process in accordance with all the directives according to GOST R ISO 55276-2012;
  • hinged screw design allows performing tightening in various ways (manually, with box wrench or spanner, rods and etc.);
  • reducing inserts Volzhanin 160-315 CNC for connecting pipes of smaller diameter are made of extruded high-strength aluminum alloy;

It is designed to move the movable pair of the clamps and to create the required pressing force during the welding process phases. It consists of (pressure, temperature, time and displacement) measurement and control equipment, three position flow distribution baffle, mounting plate and supply device.

  • dual-processor system with frequency 1200 Mhz;
  • memory for 10 000 reports in PDF format;
  • 7inch industrial sensor TFT display for field operations (16 mln. colors, resolution 800x480);
  • user friendly animated interface;
  • view of reports and regulatory documents on the display;
  • 3G router for 2 sim cards;
  • remote access;
  • ultrasonic displacement sensor;
  • automatic indication of primary flash and standby pressure;
  • automatic pressure adjustment when facing.

It is designed for removing oxide film and aligning the ends of welded pipes.

  • high torque and significant margin power provide high reliability of the facing tool;
  • minimum number of mating parts that provides minimal butt beat and, therefore, minimum gap between the ends of the pipes.

It is designed for flash-off and heating the weldedpipe ends.

  • heated surface with non-stick coating;
  • a digital block includes:
    • - digital thermostat allows setting any temperature mode maintained at any welding process phase;
    • - timer;
  • maintainable device heating element (the modular construction allows easy replacing the flat element, as well as renewing the damaged nonstick coating);
  • thermal field uniformity on the surface up to 315 mm is +-2 *C (prefabricated construction allows placing the resistive flat element exactly in the center of the heating element, thereby reducing the difference between temperature of the right and left surfaces)

It is designed for transportation and storage of the facing tool and heating element.

  • it is equipped with silicone profiles to protect the heating element against mechanical damages, as well as to protect the welder against accidental contact with the hot heating element *

They are implemented for welding pipes of diameters less than maximum working diameter of the welding machine.

  • reducing inserts Volzhanin 160-315 for connecting pipes of smaller diameter are made of extruded high-strength aluminum alloy;

It is implemented for welding stub ends with pipe or other formed part.

Are implemented for supporting and reducing pipe internal resistance.

  • a pair of rollers allows welding of pipes of all sizes in the group;
  • simple design is basic premise for reliable operation for many years.

(wrench, screwdriver) is included into the scope of supply of the welded equipment.

* Invitations are protected with patent.

Maintenance service

The "Volzhanin" factory performs service maintenance, warranty and post-warranty repair of polyethylene pipe welding equipment.

Our customers are able to use several convenient offers for the equipment maintenance and repair:

  • Opportunity of learning welding skills with the factory qualified expert on polyethylene pipes welding equipment manufactured by the "Volzhanin" factory;
  • Taking professional advice from the factory experts about the fault root cause and fixing the fault recovery period;
  • • The warranty period is extended for the period of warranty service for polyethylene pipes welding equipment manufactured by the "Volzhanin" factory;
  • Hot line phone of the technical support service 8 – 800 – 200 – 17 – 45

All maintenance works are carried out only by highly-skilled and experienced professionals.

Technical documentation

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