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Volzhanin is welding equipment factory for polyethylene pipes from 40 mm to 1600 mm.

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Volzhanin 315CNC


The configuration

315 CNC 315 CNC Eco
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Device for automatic extraction of the heating element.
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The machine is designed for resistance butt welding of polymeric pipe with diameter from 75 mm to 315 mm as well as fittings made of polyethylene in automatic mode according to welding procedure specification in accordance with GOST R ISO 55276-2012. The machine is equipped with temperature and pressure control systems, system of primary flash height control, system of welding surface contact and welding period control. It is used for fabrication, installation, repair and modification of hazardous industrial facilities, gas pipelines, water pipelines, sewage and irrigation systems. The equipment is certified by NACWP (National Attestation Committee on Welding Practice) and GASPROMCERT.

Technical characteristics

Diameter of connected pipes
75 - 315
Heating element
(Voltage/ Power)
220 V / 2,9 kW
Electrical facing tool
(Voltage/ Power)
220 V / 1,3 kW
Oil pumping station CNC
(Voltage/ Power/ Pressure)
220 V / 0,75 kW / 0 - 60 bar
Total power consumption

Dimensions and weight

(WxHxD, mm/weight, kg)
760х550х455 / 93
Clamp + device for automatic extraction of the heating element
(WxHxD, mm/weight, kg)
1000х1150х1000 / 125
Heating element
(WxHxD, mm/weight, kg)
500х510х200 / 15
Electrical facing tool
(WxHxD, mm/weight, kg)
460х540х350 / 26
Oil pumping station CNC
(WxHxD, mm/weight, kg)
695х540х420 / 60
Box for heating element and facing tool
(WxHxD, mm/weight, kg)
440х500х360 / 13
Total weight, kg 239

Maintenance service

The "Volzhanin" factory performs service maintenance, warranty and post-warranty repair of polyethylene pipe welding equipment.

Our customers are able to use several convenient offers for the equipment maintenance and repair:

  • Opportunity of learning welding skills with the factory qualified expert on polyethylene pipes welding equipment manufactured by the "Volzhanin" factory;
  • Taking professional advice from the factory experts about the fault root cause and fixing the fault recovery period;
  • The warranty period is extended for the period of warranty service for polyethylene pipes welding equipment manufactured by the "Volzhanin" factory;
  • Hot line phone of the technical support service 8 – 800 – 200 – 17 – 45

All maintenance works are carried out only by highly-skilled and experienced professionals.

Technical documentation

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